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Oral Health Probiotics 3-Pack – Chewable Caplets



Say Goodbye to Bad Breath

Fresh breath is a big part of making an excellent first impression. NatureWise has made it easy to kick bad breath to the curb with help from our Oral Care Probiotics.* Great for kids and adults, these dental probiotic chewable tablets contain 3 billion CFU. Maintaining proper levels of beneficial probiotic bacteria in the mouth and throat can help keep breath fresh and promote good oral hygiene and respiratory health.* Our multi-benefit formula includes two researched and patented strains providing support in these specific areas.*

  • BLIS K12™ — K12 is a form of Streptococcus salivarius found in the mouths of some healthy adults, where it discourages the proliferation of “bad” bacteria that may result in bad breath or upper respiratory discomfort.*
  • BLIS M18™ ­— another form of Streptococcus salivarius, M18 probiotics contain beneficial properties for promoting tooth and gum health.*

These BLIS strains encourage a balance of active cultures in the oral microbiome to reduce the reoccurrence of unfavorable bacterial overgrowth.* Through these benefits, K12 and M18 may provide ongoing support for the body’s natural defenses against respiratory infections, sore throats, and more.*

Multi-Strain Dental Probiotics That Taste Great!

In addition to K12 and M18, you’ll get a daily serving of 10 other probiotics in the NatureWise Oral Health Probiotic Blend.* Plus, our oral probiotics are guaranteed to remain viable at room temperature until the expiration date printed on every bottle — no refrigeration required.*

Every tablet is formulated without sugar, using only natural stevia leaf extract and spearmint flavoring to create an instantly breath-freshening daily supplement.

Clinically Tested, Science-Backed Benefits for All Ages!

Enhanced Immunity: The mouth is one of the first points of entry for pathogens into the body, and the beneficial bacteria that live there serve as our first line of defense against invasive microorganisms. NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics support immunity by helping to maintain a healthy balance of oral bacteria, providing more beneficial species to crowd out harmful microbes.*

Ear, Nose, & Throat Protection: ENT complaints are one of the most common reasons for doctor visits. An imbalance in oral and sinus bacteria can leave you vulnerable to ear, throat, or upper respiratory health problems. NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics begins working in the mouth to boost natural immune defenses and help promote ENT and upper respiratory health in both children and adults.*

Manufactured in the United States

NatureWise uses only the highest quality ingredients for your peace of mind and wellbeing. Oral Health Probiotic tablets are manufactured in the USA in our cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) certified facility that is audited for quality control by independent organizations including NPA, NSF, and UL.

Try It Risk-Free! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Skeptical? Don’t worry! Try NatureWise Oral Health Probiotics Risk-Free (30-Day Money-Back Guarantee) and see the difference it can make in your ENT health and breath freshness!


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